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Wearable art is a cultural identity while we are offering hand-draw designed paper goods, temporary tattoos, and curated series of accessories.

Lesine Atelier brings a hot new collection of contemporary temporary tattoos for men and women to adorn playful designs on their various body parts.


Tattoos play an important role in presenting one’s personality with unique designs adorning various body parts. However, getting a tattoo is a time consuming and painful method, which restricts many people from getting it. 

Lesine Atelier has come up with a solution in the forms of wearable art, which allows an  easy way to get different patterns of hand drawn body art in a painless manner. 


One can quickly spice up their outfits in 10 second with a trendy look and style!


These stickers feature animal shapes and patterns and are available in different sizes so that one can get them on various body parts. They specialise in tiny designs to be printed on nails, fingers, ankle and other body parts.


All are hand drawn design by Lesine Atelier.

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