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The Air card symbolizes the thinking mind. Your current relationship is directed to movement, change, travel, as well as inspiration.

If you are asking for 'When' in your reading, the timing of this card is October.


You’re feeling the need to move on from something or someone that may have kept you feeling stuck. What once interested you has lost its charm, and you’re seeking deeper meaning and greater rewards.


You may be quick to fall in love, but be cautious with your heart. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, at least not now, and approach all situations logically.


Advancement is possible, only if you achieve on your own to receive the rewards. Seek inspiration along with severity, you will be supported. Go with the flow and have fun on chasing.


The Botanical Sword Oracle connects you with awareness to transformation with deeper wisdom to help you tap into your intellect, sense of empathy, and intuition. 

Aerial View of Barren Land
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