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“Dreams pave the way for life, and they determine you without

your understanding their language.”

~ Carl Jung


Forces that make us more reserved are weakened now, meaning that we can live our desires through our dreams and create them as a reality in the external world. This card represents the unconscious and subconscious mind, and its balance in your life.


Dream is a path to knowing and transforming yourselves.

It can reflect on childhood or can be a great source of creativity.

Dreams are applied simultaneously to several levels of personality, reality, and our consciousness, and they may present difficulty or vagueness in interpretation. Our dreams are subjective and encompass many levels, such as the lower (or external) level, objective levels, and subjective levels. The various characters in our dreams represent our individual’s characteristics and the state of our subconscious.


“Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. They are pure nature; they show us the unvarnished, natural truth, and are therefore fitted, as nothing else is, to give us back an attitude that accords with our basic human nature when our consciousness has strayed too far from its foundations and run into an impasse.“

~ Carl Jung

Dream (Asleep / Unconsciousness)

Dream provide access to our unconscious realm. Look to dreams for answers at this time.

Dreams are a natural, biological process that arrives wrapped in anatomical boxes. They can be gradually unwrapped, much like a gift, and comprehended over time. Our dreams may develop and deepen as we interact with them, or work to understand them, on a long-term basis.


Dream (Awake / Present expectation; Unfinished part)

Dreams in reality, are the determination that we desire to achieve. It takes time to determine, plan and get prepared, step by step in the direction of future.

If you are asking for 'When' in your reading, the timing of this card is December.


Meditate and communicate with your inner self.

Create a healthy routine before bed, to connect deeply with your dreams at this time.

You may experience positive spiritual changes, and soon realize your potential. If you view yourself and your reality subjectively, the path of action will quickly become clear.


There is a thought in your deeper mind. Your emotions are affecting your partner, or someone you are very close to in your life. Let your guard down and let them understand your language of love. Positive results will follow.


Take time to focus on what you truly want. Be frank to speak out what your desire and dream. Allow your unconscious dream to guide you to greater avenues of potential and possibility. You need to know your limitations and weakness but also where your visions are limitless. Know your potential to make your dreams (the unconscious) a reality of awakening yourself (the conscious). You will shine, much like starlight.


The Botanical Sword Oracle connects you with awareness to transformation with deeper wisdom to help you tap into your intellect, sense of empathy, and intuition. 

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