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The Lover is sharing emotions, hearts, caring for others, dedication, and committed relationships.  The Lover indulges in sensual intimacy and connection and making the other half unique.  Their senses of love are expansive, covering everything from family and romance to spiritual relationships.  They truly value the beauty of the heart.  The Lover represents Link, Intimacy, and Sensual Flowers, especially Forget Me Not flowers.


These flowers hold the meaning of lifelong relationships by many. They are seen as beautiful and innocent, they show the depth, sincerity, and power of infernal energy towards the recipient of the flower that is far beyond admiration.  This is exactly what love is about.

If you are asking for 'Who' in your reading, the zodiac sign of this card is Taurus or the person with the quality of Taurus.


Be sensual and lively in nature.  Your inner and outer happiness will guide you spiritually and give you the power of love and will let you work out your journey toward exalted goals.


Love is not a simple emotion, it’s forgiveness, acceptance, and adaptation.  You need to heighten your energy by caring for someone who is near to you. 

When love is offered freely, you can move forward without fear.  Love may or may not be the answer you are looking for but will at some point.


Desire is the emotion that leads to passion. Appreciate the things you have and be grateful.  Have the ability to establish a good relationship with your work instead of moving from one obsession to another trying to discover the “perfect” job. Realize your blessings and know a smile will come back into your heart when you understand your own worth.


The Botanical Sword Oracle connects you with awareness to transformation with deeper wisdom to help you tap into your intellect, sense of empathy, and intuition. 

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