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The Botanical Sword Oracle connects you with awareness to transformation with deeper wisdom to help you tap into your intellect, sense of empathy, and intuition.  Using this deck, you can explore a more mentally changing process on self-realization. 


This does not lead to answers

but instead to questions.

Abstract Gold Stripe

Existence Is Without Borders

Oracle cards could be incredibly easy

to interpret the divine process instead of Tarot cards. As long as your mind

is open to learning, both can be combined together or used separately.


About Lesine & Botanical Sword

In life, we all take different steps to get to know ourselves better. As a graphic designer and illustrator, my goal is to offer something new to those embarking on a unique journey of self-healing and discovery. To encourage a different perspective, I have created the Botanical Sword series, which focuses on cultural nature and establishing a deeper connection with visual wonders. My hope is that this series emphasizes self-reflection and stimulates consciousness.


I have been in design for 8 years. 6 of which were spent as a tattoo artist specializing in fineline blackwork. This has helped me to be more in touch with the roots of humanity in a natural twist.


The Botanical Sword Series is an extension of my passion for spirituality, mythology, and expressing symbolic thought.

It is a reflection of my unique perspective on the world, inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us and the timeless symbolism found in cultures.

Aesthetics are a significant part of my life as an aspirational source of expression. Through this series, I aim to share with others my vision of a world where art and spirituality intersect, and where the power of symbolism can help us connect with something greater than ourselves.

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