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Botanical Sword | Oracle Card

Botanical Sword | Oracle Card


Oracle Card

Botanical Sword is an Oracle Card deck featuring

40 delicate blackwork illustrations on textured paper.

Size: 12 cm x 7 cm 

Paper: 310g Textured paper 

Creator:  Lesine Tattoo @le.sinex

Packing: Wrapped and packed in a PVC zipped bag


Together with 40 cards, a mini guidebook is included for interpretation along with a detailed online version for east-to-go option.


Botanical Sword is designed to be read as a triptych.

You can use the Botanical Sword deck as a self-reflection tool. When interpreted, the insightful illustrations inspire mental clarity, empower you to embrace opportunities, and guide you through releasing thought patterns, behaviours, and even relationships that no longer serve you.



In the name of “Botanical Sword”, Sword as a visual feature captured the essence of masculine heroism inside and the Botanical imagery express the feminine part from fantasies.

The visual duality of the name, Botanical and Sword combines two traditional sexual traits and depict the contrast sides of humanity.


Designed by @le.sinex