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Cosmic rhythm is movement, flow, and inspiration. Rhythm continually makes changes on a physical, mental, or visual plane. Your mind and body are inseparable. What enters your mind will influence your body movements and your actions. Celebrating your inner energy will place you on a spiritual path.


Mantras are sounds, utterances, or words that practitioners believe have spiritual powers. Mantras are extremely important to communicate with the cosmic rhythm and help to change the dynamics of our inner selves. We should all adopt some spiritual practices in our lives such as reciting affirmative quotes, gratitude, and appreciation for journaling. Journaling will organize your thoughts, achieve your goals, improve memory, and inspire creativity.

It’s important to balance body and mind. Life goes up and down just like the ocean.  The ocean can offer you peace.  You must be able to know what’s going on inside of you including your tribulations, suffering failures, and trials. The balance of body and mind will improve your sensory development.


New people or a challenge will come into your life so enjoy it!

From that point on, there will be a great attraction to move forward.


You will experience new things that are coming your way. These moments will be either positive or negative. These movements will affect your behavior, have a great influence on your feelings, and influence your thoughts so embrace this time of change.


The Botanical Sword Oracle connects you with awareness to transformation with deeper wisdom to help you tap into your intellect, sense of empathy, and intuition. 

Aerial View of Barren Land
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