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Healing Art of Yoga Therapy

Tailored programs include

  • Healing Yoga for Tight Shoulders  

  • Relief Yoga for Gym Enthusiasts

  • Back Care Yoga​

  • Emotional relief

  • applies tailored practices to address specific physical conditions

  • combines traditional yogic principles with modern therapeutic approaches 

  • Beneficial for stress-related disorders, chronic pain management, postural alignment, etc

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Corporate Yoga

Tailored programs include

  • Yoga in Office

  • Yoga with Wall Assistance

  • incorporate yoga practices into busy schedules and limited space

  • boost employee well-being, reduce stress, improve focus and productivity, and foster a positive work environment

Breathing Practice

Tailored programs include

  • 1-4-2 breathing practices

  • Traditional Pranayama

  • explore the importance of breathwork in yoga and mindfulness


Dynamics & Mobility

Tailored programs include

  • Hip mobility

  • Arm balancing and movement

  • Spinal movement

  • improve strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness

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Restorative & Nurturing

  • introduce gentle yoga poses, relaxation techniques, and guided meditations that promote deep relaxation and restoration

  • emphasize the benefits of incorporating these practices into daily life to counterbalance the fast-paced nature of modern living



  • provide resources or suggestions for further exploration of yoga's spiritual aspects, such as recommended books, workshops, or online resources that delve into yoga philosophy, meditation practices, the history of yoga



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Move with Angela, a tattooist who combines body movement and a deep appreciation for body art. With extensive training and commitment to learning, she brings a refined sense of aesthetics and mindfulness to her yoga instruction.


Certified as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Angela has a solid foundation in yoga instruction. She has also completed over 500 hours of Continuing Educational Training, including:

  • 200 hours of Pragya Teacher Training

  • 50 hours of Ayurveda & the Yogic lifestyle

  • 18 hours of Inversion & Arm balancing

  • 2 hours of Inside-Flow Training

  • 500 hours of Online Teacher Training


Angela specializes in heart-opening and arm-strengthening postures, creating a tranquil atmosphere for students to explore their practice safely and confidently. She values continuous learning on our yoga journeys.

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